10 November 2013

PS4 vs XBOX One

Found this on the comments of a TIME Tech article by a fella named Yudhistir comparing the two new systems being launched this month.  Thought I'd clean it up a bit and share.  Again, these are not my words, just reposting it because it's important to know going in to this holiday season deciding on which system to purchase....

...whats under the hood is always under the hood and cannot be upgraded. That's the disadvantage consoles have against PC's. Once you buy it, you are stuck with it. Cannot change anything about it. So, raw specifications matter, as they are what will be available for optimizing any game and get the best output. 
[then Yudhistir hits you with pure, unbiased facts]
  • PS4's GDDR5 is way better than Xbox One's GDDR3
    • Comparing it the RAM type available in PC Graphic Cards, GDDR3 was available in 2007 whereas GDDR5 was launched in 2012
    • So, Xbox One is FIVE YEARS behind the PS4
  • PS4's RAM runs at 5500 MHz which is more than TWICE the speed of Xbox One's 2133 MHz
    • PS4 has better memory and running at a faster rate
    • PS4's Memory Bandwidth of 176.0 GB/s is again more than TWICE of Xbox One's Memory Bandwidth of 68.3 GB/s 
    • the XB1's 32 MB if eSRAM cannot make up for this
  • PS4's 1152 Cores are way higher than Xbox One's 768 Cores
    • This difference of 384 Cores is Huge
    • Due to this difference, PS4 has 1.84 TFLOPS of Peak Shader Output vs 1.23 TFLOPS of Xbox One
  • PS4 is going to be $100 Cheaper than Xbox One
    • For Less amount of Money you are getting a way better configuration
The Above are the main differences between the two - RAW Facts
You don't have to be a genius to accept the difference, you just don't have to be ignorant about it
Make the wise choice, in the end, it's your hard earned money on the line

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