10 July 2015

America In Distress

I don't have much to say here.  I am a simple man who does not have any hate in his heart.  I love everyone unless you give me reason to retort otherwise.  This will not be a manifesto of a lunatic, but rather a quick, simple point to be made.  And since it seems that everyone has an opinion they want to clearly convey these days without fear of upsetting anyone else, I have something quick I'd like to say as well.

America is in distress.  I see it more and more each day.  Especially recently.  I'm not even really talking about the "Confederate Flag" that people keep mistaking for hatred towards African Americans, and I'm not even really talking about the most recent Supreme Court decision regarding marriage.  I'm talking about linking things that are not meant to be linked in this day and age.  Which, yes, combines both points aforementioned, but goes much deeper.

You see, when you take cause and effect, subject A and subject B, apples and oranges, an un-Godly tragedy and a historic flag, the LGBT community, and combine each individual statement together, you're not taking much into consideration except for your current feelings at the current moment.  Truth be told, I don't care at ALL for The Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, the flag so many are confusing with the Confederate flag (despite never having historically represented the CSA as a country nor officially recognized as one of the national flags, it is commonly referred to as "the Confederate Flag" and has become a widely recognized symbol of the American south [source]).  I'm from Northern VA and still don't give a damn about it.  My point is that I know the flag did not kill those innocent parishioners in Charleston.  A lunatic did, and you can read his disgusting manifesto somewhere else if you'd like to see what true hatred looks like.

Aside from the fact that there is no advantage the LGBT community has gained from the national legalization of gay marriage over civil unions and that there will be nothing positive coming from the removal of a flag at 10AM today, July 10th 2015, we are simply living in the now and linking things that need not be linked together without properly examining why we are doing so.  It is for this reason that I simply state and fly this flag:



That's all I have to say about this, but believe me, I have a whole lot more to say about The State of the Union of Marriage, soon....