20 March 2011

New PUBLIC Twitter Account Activated!

I just signed up for a new Twitter account, click below to view it:


It is PUBLIC, unlike my last one I had posted here....  Sorry for those who I never allowed to follow me because that one was protected and were posts tied to my Facebook account, definitely going to protect those tweets!  

This one is not, and will include my personal outlook on everything I love to discuss, from politics to comic books, guns to customized vehicles, tech gadgets to the weather....  okay, yeah weather is boring, probably not the weather!

So go on, get following!  If you want to know WHO to follow when it comes to the most unbiased political views, check who I follow and the lists I made for politics - well, everyone on there except those that have anything to do directly with The White House and the man living there, that's more comedy than real politics!