13 June 2009

Facebook Link

Facebook has updated their system to become a little more like Myspace in that you have your own username now to find people by. As if it wasn't easy enough to find me if you've been to this page before, what with the links to my page posted everywhere, you can now find me by going to:

Of course, the same rules apply - if I don't know you, I'm not adding you! I've got a lot more information about me there than I do on this blog and public website, so I'm not adding everyone and anyone under the sun...... simple condition: if I've met you and I can recognize your name when adding me as a friend (or you can do something to help me recognize), I'll add you! I'm not one of those lonely saps on a social network with over a thousand friends, just over 200 right now that I could tell you a lot about each one from knowing them for years or having conversations with them out and about!