13 August 2007

Orlando Business Journal - Eye Candy Rebirth

After moving to Florida to continue working with custom vehicles, I found Eye Candy Customs. Once a top-dog in the industry, the owner's son had turned the company from king to crap with his lack of attention, poor attitude, arrogance, and other bad habits I won't go into detail online. I tried my best to turn the company around, with such innovative tactics as to sponsor a young Marine before returning home from Iraq, a la "Pimp My Ride," and creating a foundation for an online storefront.

You can only do so much with so little, and ended up leaving the company shortly after due to frustration with the owner's son having no concern for wasting nearly $17,000 a month in unnecessary overhead costs and blaming me for issues that other, failed managers had caused. You live and learn, and move on to the next opportunity!