18 April 2009

Celebration Exotic Car Show - 4.18.09

There are people even in this economy that are recession proof. From the yacht owner in the previous blog to the owners of these incredibly high end cars, if there's one thing for certain, it's that people who love their luxurious lifestyle find a way to be recession proof!

Let's compare this year and last at the Celebration Exotic Car Show, hosted by the Make-A-Wish foundation, in Celebration, FL. Last year there were three $1.8M Bugatti Veyrons, this year, there was only one. Poor economy to blame? Hardly - there were just as many high-end cars there this year, though the quality of them wasn't as good. Going back through the pictures from last year:

and then comparing them to this year:

You won't see the Maserati MC12, the yellow Enzo, or the two missing Veyrons (the red Enzo was there, just not pictured this year), but people like Michael Fux, founder of Sleep Innovations, selling the company, company declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and now becomes CEO of it during the reinstatement, sure had a lot of vehicles I've not seen before going to these exotic car shows in Florida. I've read that his white-on-white Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano has been a big hit in previous shows that I've not seen, as was the yellow-on-yellow Rolls Royce Drophead convertible that were at this show. Some even talk about seeing the $2M Ferrari FXX or the Aston Martin DB9R he partnered with Bell Motorsports on, but he didn't bring those to this show!

Missing from this show was the two Ariel Atoms from last year, but the Ferrari F40 and F50 made a return. The yellow Drophead was the only one there this year, there were two others last year too. So like I said, the quality dropped off a bit, but there were even more "celebrity cars" than last year - the original Batmobile, the Munster Coach, and the Monkey Mobile weren't there last year, nor were all the Star Wars characters (unless they were there before I got there last year, a possibility). Vendor booths weren't as wild this year, but there were still some great companies represented. All in all it was a great show, check out the pics at the links above if you missed it and want to be a part of the Florida exotic car show lifestyle that I certain love!