13 July 2011

Connect your Facebook account to Google+ Connected Accounts list


Having trouble connecting your Facebook account to your Google+ connected accounts? That's because you've changed your Facebook user ID to something easy to remember, like http://www.facebook.com/nickiminaj - Follow these steps I figured out from some trial and error:
  • Click on your profile picture on Facebook
  • In the address bar, you'll see http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=followed by a bunch of numbers
  • After the last period, you'll see eight or more numbers, this is your user ID before you changed it to something easy to remember
  • I searched for a friend who hadn't changed their ID to get the link necessary, and found this:
  • Simply plug your user ID you just found to the end of that address, and go to your account settings menu, then click "Connected accounts"
  • Add that whole address with your user ID at the end to the Facebook link, and select (or not) "Add this link to my public Google Profile, too" and click "Add" to the right to finish!

Now all we need to figure out is how to ACTUALLY connect the two, by being able to post from TweetDeck or something similar where you can link all your social networking accounts together!  Unfortunately, since TweetDeck was recently acquired by Twitter, I don't see that happening for that program......

07 July 2011

Check me out on Google+

Google's answer to Facebook, Google+, is now getting quite a stir....  So much so that their servers are loading up with people getting invitations so fast that they cannot allow everyone who receives an invitation in to the new social networking site.  But luckily for me, they opened it back up last night, and if you've received an invitation by me or someone else, you'll be getting in soon too.  

I've had very limited experience with it so far, but there's one thing I'd like to point out to help new users - the +1 extension button for Google Chrome.  Chances are, if you're using G+, you're also using many other Google products like Chrome and Android to name a few.  The G+ cross between Facebook's "like" button and sharing something on Facebook is called +1; you can either +1 a website or video you find on the net and it will post online OR you can +1 a comment or post made by someone in your Circles (circles are networks found in G+, try and stay with me here, I know it's not easy with a whole world of new terms!).  But how do you +1 something NOT found in Google or G+?  Simple, install the +1 extension I dug around for and now you can share the crap out of stuff!  

Also, courtesy of my buddy Josh who invited me to G+, make sure you go on GPlus.to so you can get your own personalized and shortened link to your Google+ page.  Very helpful, since telling someone to find me by my G+ user number of 1029254506424911XXXXX isn't easy to remember!!

That's all the help I can give out right now because I can't even figure out some things just yet, like how to limit the amount of things shared with people in specific Circles....  I don't want my G+ account to be public, but even with those who are linked to me through a Circle, I don't want certain items I post to be shared with them, like work contacts or businesses that don't need to see the funny picture I uploaded the other day!  Let's stay with the privacy that Facebook allowed me to have, but make it even better through the resources of Google - that's why I'm definitely giving Google+ a shot at the title here!

You can click the link in the headline of this post, or click below to visit my G+ page here:


02 May 2011

Death of Osama Bin Laden

While people all over the world are celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden, I just want to point out a few things so people don't get carried away in thinking Obama / Biden (sounds a lot like Osama Bin Laden, right?) was the brains behind this....

Obama has been a flip-flopper from the get go.  And when I say "get go," I mean his first real attempt at doing anything major in politics just 4 short years ago when he began his bid for president.  He claimed to be completely against the war in Iraq when he set forth the "Iraq War De-Escalation Act of 2007" as a Freshman Senator from Illinois.  Calling it "somebody else's civil war," he wanted no part in it, until he learned it would grant him some Conservative votes, so he changed it to:
There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. They are plotting to strike again. It was a terrible mistake to fail to act when we had a chance to take out an al Qaeda leadership meeting in 2005. If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and [Pakistani] President Musharraf won't act, we will."
I mean, Pakistan was letting Osama "hide in plain sight" as he was killed outside a mansion near Abbottabad as he was "living comfortably."  An ally of the United States.  Letting the biggest fugitive of my lifetime (we already got Saddam, remember?) live comfortably.  

Anyways, I could go on for a few more hours, but I've got to work early in the morning.  I will live you all with this, my latest Photoshop work that I 100% authorize anyone and everyone to use however they please!  We got that motherfucker, and I just want to show how proud I am of our nation's Special Forces for their hard work. 

God Bless America!

Click for fullsize image, and download!

20 March 2011

New PUBLIC Twitter Account Activated!

I just signed up for a new Twitter account, click below to view it:


It is PUBLIC, unlike my last one I had posted here....  Sorry for those who I never allowed to follow me because that one was protected and were posts tied to my Facebook account, definitely going to protect those tweets!  

This one is not, and will include my personal outlook on everything I love to discuss, from politics to comic books, guns to customized vehicles, tech gadgets to the weather....  okay, yeah weather is boring, probably not the weather!

So go on, get following!  If you want to know WHO to follow when it comes to the most unbiased political views, check who I follow and the lists I made for politics - well, everyone on there except those that have anything to do directly with The White House and the man living there, that's more comedy than real politics!

18 February 2011

HELP Restore Rights to Concealed Weapons License Holders in Florida!

As you may know, from being such an avid gun collector, law abiding citizen, and concealed weapons holder since 2003 at age 21, I have fought long and hard to keep the rights our forefathers bestowed upon us in the Second Amendment.  I believe that every American has the right to keep and bear arms, defending themselves whenever necessary from those who will violate the law in any setting.  While others may believe that we need something ridiculous they incorrectly term "gun control," I believe should be spending all the time, energy, and most importantly, MONEY, on stopping those who do not care one bit about the law, no matter what new laws we right in order to take away rights from those who will abide by the laws our congressmen and women so create.  

In this alert from the NRA -- well, here, just read it for yourself:

HELP Restore Rights to Concealed Weapons License Holders in Florida
Includes Concealed Weapons License Open-Carry, Campus-Carry, Guns-In-Vehicles and Purchase of Long Guns in other states

DATE:       February 18, 2011
TO:          USF & NRA Members and Friends
FROM:      Marion P. Hammer
               USF Executive Director
               NRA Past President
Senate Bill 234, introduced by Senator Greg Evers (R-2) has been scheduled to be heard in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee onTuesday, February 22 at 9:00 a.m.  SB 234 is a bill that would make three much needed changes to the Florida "Right-to-Carry" law -- also known as the Concealed Weapons Licensing law and it would also conform Florida’s firearms purchase law with federal law.

The bill basically does the four following things:

1. Provides that concealed weapons license holders may also carry openly -- to prevent license holders from being charged with the crime of violating the "Open Carry" law because a concealed firearm accidentally or inadvertently became visible.

2. Removes the prohibition against concealed weapons license holders carrying firearms on college and university campuses for lawful self-defense.

3. Provides that concealed weapons license holders may store a firearm in a private vehicle anywhere the vehicle is lawfully parked except those places that are exempted under s. 790.251(7) -- the parking lot law.

4. Removes the obsolete firearms purchase in contiguous state law, previously required by federal law for out of state purchases of long guns, and replaces it with language to conform to current federal requirements that allows purchase of long guns in other states.

You must act quickly.  URGENT!  The Senate Criminal Justice Committee Must Hear From You!
PLEASE IMMEDIATELY E-MAIL the members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee -- They NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU NOW!

In the subject line put:
SUPPORT SB 234 -- RESTORE Rights to CW License Holders 

(Block and Copy All email addresses into the "Send To" box)


# 1. The open carry provision addresses the problem of an accidental or unintentional exposure of a firearm being carried by a license holder. As silly as it may sound, if a license holder is carrying a concealed firearm and the wind blows a jacket or shirt open exposing the firearm, the person can be charged with a crime for violating the open carry law.  Anytime a license holder accidentally or unintentionally exposes the firearm whether reaching for something on a top shelf or bending over to pick up something, he/she can be charged with a crime. This bill fixes that problem.

The cries of anti-gunners with predictions of horrible things resulting from "Open Carry" are pure nonsense. Adding the provision of Open Carry for Concealed Weapons License holders will NOT present problems. While some gun haters may not want to remove this needless restriction, there have been no problems in other states.

According to the anti-gun Brady Campaign, -- 46 states allow Open Carry. Of those, 34 states allow open carry without a permit or license while 12 states require a permit to carry openly. (FLORIDA TODAY 1/7/2011, Change Would Relax Handgun Law - 
Byline: Kaustuv Basu)

What the spokesperson (Brian Malte, State Legislative Director) for the Brady Campaign -- the national gun control/gun ban group -- said is that open carry COULD BE TROUBLESOME. He said "Open carrying of loaded guns is problematic for public safety and for law enforcement. It is frightening to see people carrying loaded weapons in urban and suburban environments."

What the Brady Campaign fails to report is that open carry is not now, nor has it ever been a problem. Only 4 states, including Florida, prohibit open carry. It's time to remove this unnecessary government restriction in Florida.

Adding "open carry" for concealed weapons license holders to the law to avoid the "open carry" glitch doesn't mean they will carry openly.

 This bill will would remove another needless restriction on Second Amendment rights. It will allow persons with concealed weapons licenses to carry on campus for self-defense and other lawful purposes. In order to qualify for a license, a person must be 21 years of age or older. We're not talking about teenage freshmen or underclassmen so don't let anti-gun college and university administrators put that false image in your head.

This nation asks 18 year olds to go to war and die for this county but when they come home, as veterans, we don't let them carry a concealed firearm until they are 21 years old.  When we do let them get a license to carry concealed, we deny that right if they decide to go to college and get a better education to make a better life.  

The bill simply says that if a person has a concealed weapons license, nothing shall prohibit the carry or storage of a firearm in a vehicle -- except the exemptions in the Florida parking lot law.

For example, many of you will remember the case last summer of a cemetery that arbitrarily banned guns on cemetery property.

And you'll remember the distraught father, who had already buried his son (who had been killed in auto crash) in that cemetery. The father has a concealed weapons license and always carries a firearm in his truck and frequently visits his son's grave.

Advised of the new gun ban by the cemetery, the father was given three choices. (1) Quit carrying a firearm in his vehicle; (2) Face arrest for trespassing with a firearm (a felony) or (3) Move his son's body to another cemetery (which might later ban guns as well).  Those choices are outrageous. This bill fixes that outrageous denial of Second Amendment rights.

 The bill repeals the obsolete language in s. 790.28, which limits purchase of rifles and shotguns to contiguous states and replaces it with language that will make it possible for Florida residents to purchase rifles and shotguns in non contiguous states.
In 1979, s. 790.28 was passed to conform to federal law. At the time, Federal law required the contiguous state language to be passed in order for residents to be able to exercise their right to purchase long guns in adjoining states.

Federal law has now changed to allow the purchase of long guns in any state through a licensed federal firearms dealer. However, in order for Florida residents to be able to exercise those rights, s. 790.28 must be repealed and conforming language must be added to Florida’s statutes. This bill does that.
###END QUOTE###  
Please contact that members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and urge them to support SB 234.

You may be asking - if you are even still reading this and not "so disgusted that students or other teachers would be allowed to carry on campus or even openly carry firearms in the state of Florida" - why are these things important?  Why should anyone be allowed to openly carry their firearms?  Why should law abiding, concealed weapons permit holders be allowed to carry firearms on college and university property?  Well, let's think logically.  The students who shot up Virginia Tech and University of Texas, among dozens of others,  were not there to defend themselves, they went on rampages to take innocent lives.  They didn't care about the laws that govern man, they wanted to kill men and women.  So why prevent those from the God given right to protect themselves from bodily harm or possible (and very likely) death?  

And what's this about OPEN carry?  It isn't as scary as you may think.  Concealed weapons permits are just that, for concealed use only.  You are not allowed to show it even for a split second.  If the wind blows, as the NRA Alert states, and someone accidentally sees your firearm, you violated the law and are now a criminal.  There are times where I carry my firearm inside my waistband and bend over at a store, constantly covering up my firearm with my shirt with one hand and trying to pick up a magazine or other item with the other - let me tell you, it gets old real quick.  And all in the sake of defending myself from others in the Number THREE most deadly city in the United States (tied).  Having Florida become an open carry state, just like half of the states in the union already allow with or without permits (see link), would prevent myself and others from committing a crime in the event someone would accidentally see my firearm.  This isn't the Wild West, I'm not a "gunslinger," and carrying the firearm outside my clothes would not only be highly distracting in nearly every situation I can think of, but also quite dangerous considering the chance that I might run into someone one day who thinks they want my gun more than I do and wouldn't mind using it on me.  So I'm not promoting becoming a Black Panther and marching on the capitol with loaded weapons, I'm talking about the option to NOT go to jail for someone accidentally seeing my firearm.  Yeehaw!

The other points of this bill are important, don't get me wrong, but seeing those two in an email I receive from being a member of the NRA jumped out at me to the point that I needed to make this blog ASAP.  If you believe as strongly about these points as a current or future concealed weapons permit holder in the state of Florida, please make sure to do the following (copied again from above because of how important this is!):

PLEASE IMMEDIATELY E-MAIL the members of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee -- They NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU NOW!

In the subject line put:
SUPPORT SB 234 -- RESTORE Rights to CW License Holders 

(Block and Copy All email addresses into the "Send To" box)


Then copy the BACKGROUND information in the quoted email above all the way down to the end of the quote clearly listed.  

God bless the USA!

UPDATE - I just received the following email from Charlie Dean, a Republican representing Florida Senate, District 3:


Thank you for voicing your support of Senator Evers’ Senate Bill 234. As a lifelong member of the NRA and a former Sheriff, I know firsthand how important the issues are surrounding our second amendment rights. Senate Bill 234 would allow people in compliance with the concealed carry license to carry a concealed weapon into more areas than originally allowed. Senate Bill 234 is scheduled to be heard in the Criminal Justice Committee, a committee I serve on, on February 22, 2011. When Senate Bill 234 is brought before me, I will remember your e-mail. You can follow Senate Bill 234 by logging on to www.flsenate.gov. Please continue to write to me on issues important to you or whenever I may be of any assistance.


Very cool!