13 July 2011

Connect your Facebook account to Google+ Connected Accounts list


Having trouble connecting your Facebook account to your Google+ connected accounts? That's because you've changed your Facebook user ID to something easy to remember, like http://www.facebook.com/nickiminaj - Follow these steps I figured out from some trial and error:
  • Click on your profile picture on Facebook
  • In the address bar, you'll see http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=followed by a bunch of numbers
  • After the last period, you'll see eight or more numbers, this is your user ID before you changed it to something easy to remember
  • I searched for a friend who hadn't changed their ID to get the link necessary, and found this:
  • Simply plug your user ID you just found to the end of that address, and go to your account settings menu, then click "Connected accounts"
  • Add that whole address with your user ID at the end to the Facebook link, and select (or not) "Add this link to my public Google Profile, too" and click "Add" to the right to finish!

Now all we need to figure out is how to ACTUALLY connect the two, by being able to post from TweetDeck or something similar where you can link all your social networking accounts together!  Unfortunately, since TweetDeck was recently acquired by Twitter, I don't see that happening for that program......

07 July 2011

Check me out on Google+

Google's answer to Facebook, Google+, is now getting quite a stir....  So much so that their servers are loading up with people getting invitations so fast that they cannot allow everyone who receives an invitation in to the new social networking site.  But luckily for me, they opened it back up last night, and if you've received an invitation by me or someone else, you'll be getting in soon too.  

I've had very limited experience with it so far, but there's one thing I'd like to point out to help new users - the +1 extension button for Google Chrome.  Chances are, if you're using G+, you're also using many other Google products like Chrome and Android to name a few.  The G+ cross between Facebook's "like" button and sharing something on Facebook is called +1; you can either +1 a website or video you find on the net and it will post online OR you can +1 a comment or post made by someone in your Circles (circles are networks found in G+, try and stay with me here, I know it's not easy with a whole world of new terms!).  But how do you +1 something NOT found in Google or G+?  Simple, install the +1 extension I dug around for and now you can share the crap out of stuff!  

Also, courtesy of my buddy Josh who invited me to G+, make sure you go on GPlus.to so you can get your own personalized and shortened link to your Google+ page.  Very helpful, since telling someone to find me by my G+ user number of 1029254506424911XXXXX isn't easy to remember!!

That's all the help I can give out right now because I can't even figure out some things just yet, like how to limit the amount of things shared with people in specific Circles....  I don't want my G+ account to be public, but even with those who are linked to me through a Circle, I don't want certain items I post to be shared with them, like work contacts or businesses that don't need to see the funny picture I uploaded the other day!  Let's stay with the privacy that Facebook allowed me to have, but make it even better through the resources of Google - that's why I'm definitely giving Google+ a shot at the title here!

You can click the link in the headline of this post, or click below to visit my G+ page here: