27 September 2010

QUICKBLOG - Google Buzz to Twitter to Facebook?

Okay, so I really want to know because I'm sick of screwing around with this....... what the hell is so hard about getting Google Buzz to update my Twitter OR  Facebook if I keep things private?  I have an awesome client I've been using for a while as some of you may have seen on my Facebook updates, yakket, but that only works (and works perfectly, the best there is) for Twitter to Facebook.

I couldn't honestly care less for Twitter, but on my Andriod phone, the easiest way for me to update my Facebook status from the home screen AND have the option to use location-based links inserted if I want to is with a Twitter client I'm using called twicca (before that it was Seesmic which I liked more, but never updated well on the Android widget--not important in this topic).

Now, with that being said, the truly best way to update your status on an Android phone is using the native Google Buzz widget that auto finds your location and can insert it automatically.  Only problem is....  Buzz is locked only to Buzz for people like me who don't want their status updates going public and having all you weirdos reading this on mikegarcia25.com seeing my every move!  I know people will suggest things like Buzz Can Tweet (AWESOME idea, btw, just doesn't work for private Buzz updates) or Buzz2Twitter or Google Buzz Sync on Facebook or even feedburning through Google Reader / Google Profiles, but NONE of those will work for private Buzz updates!!!  Hell, some of those don't even work and haven't for months.... (see the last link and the comments posted on Facebook for proof)

Obviously, you can see I've spent some serious time researching this and trying to find the right program for the job and the right way to do this while keeping updates private, but I've reached the end....  for now!  If I have to keep Twitter just to get it to post to Facebook, I will, otherwise, Buzz to Facebook directly would be the best option.  Post up if you know a work-around

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