02 February 2009

Cars and Cafe - 1.31.09

Orlando Automotive Club (www.orlandoautomotiveclub.com) hosts a monthly car meet in Lake Mary, FL, and I've been attending the past two of them, meeting the awesome members, and getting to see some incredible cars. The president of the club, Ricky, is a cool cat I got to hang out with after the meet for lunch along with some of the other members, and we discussed me joining the club.
When you park next to cars like this, its kind of hard to stay focused on anything else going on in the world! The MINI next to a Porsche Carrera GT and a Nissan GT-R, or roughly $500K worth of cars to my right.....

I'll be attending
Cars for the Cure next weekend to support the American Lung Association of Florida, and will be parking with the other members of OAC! More pics like this soon to come!

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